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Steam 54


NE-Bunker with controlled feeding

Technical data:

  • System capacity: 10 t/h
  • Granulation: 20-120 mm
  • Bulk density: 0,3-0,6 t/m3
  • Connected power: 4,2 kW; 400 VAC; 50 Hz

Technology used:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Vibration table
  • Inlet bunker

The system’s role is independent feeding of NE fraction to eddy current separators via vibrating feeder. It is installed after air separation unit. It consists of two units; bunker and vibrating feeder. Loading of material into the bunker is done by frontal loader. Vibrating feeder, installed before eddy current separators, evenly distributes input material and enables continuous, controlled NE fraction feeding.

Output is later screened to 3 fractions in order to achieve optimal eddy current performance.

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