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SC 140 - Slewing conveyor

Design, Manufacture, Delivery

Customer: Albert Hoffmann GmbH
Location: Fredrikstad, Norway
Year of production: 2015

Technical data:

  • System capacity: 140 t/h
  • Granulation: 10-300 mm
  • Bulk density: 0,8-15 t/m3
  • Stacking angle: 120°
  • Inclination: 18°
  • Connected power: 7,5kW

Technology used:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Rotating base

Slewing belt conveyor on a rotating base is a stacking conveyor with 140 t/h capacity. Advantage of such system is effective use of the stacking surface for bulk material. Wear-resistant and break-through resistant conveying belt is used in combination with belt scrapers. Rotation is motorized and can go up to 120°. Length of conveyor is 19,5 m and material outlet is on 8 m height. Walkways along the conveyor enable easy access during cleaning and maintenance.

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