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DFM-AF – Furnance loading

Technical data:

  • System capacity: 2,5-3 t/h
  • Granulation: 2-400 mm
  • Bulk density: 0,3-0,6 t/m3
  • Connected power: 10kW; 400 VAC; 50Hz

Technology used:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Burner
  • Vibratory Trough Conveyor
  • Weighing and transport unit
  • Drying drum.

System enables continuous loading of recycled aluminium to the furnace with 2,5-3 t/h capacity. Material is loaded with loader to the hopper. Controlled amount of material is loaded to rotating drum with oil-heating. Rotating drum pushes input material towards outlet chute via spiral spring, welded into the drum. During the transport, material is dried and pre-heated for further treatment.

Output material is pre-heated, non-flammable and dry. This is essential for optimal furnace operation.

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