SLF-S - Shredder light fraction treatment plant

Project: SLF-S - Shredder light fraction treatment plant

Tehnični podatki:

Type of input material: SLF, ASR (Automotive shredder residue)
Bulk density: 0,2 – 0,3 t/m3
System capacity: 10 t/h
Granulation: 0-200 mm
Fractions: 0-20 mm, +20 mm
Connected power: 22,3 kW
Hopper capacity: 15-20 m3

Uporabljene tehnologije:

-Hopper with wind protection
-Spreading unit
-Belt conveyors
-Screening unit
-PLC software control

SLF-S is a screening system with 10 t/h capacity. Fraction screening technology is used to separate large scrap particles from smaller ones. Material is loaded in the hopper and then evenly discharged by the spreading unit to the screen via belt conveyor. Declined vibrating screen continuously separates the materials into two fractions. Optimal performance is achieved with speed regulation. Technology is used to optimize the landfill costs of SLF in recycling industry.

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