OVBH60-2000 – Overbelt hybrid multipole magnet system 60 t/h

Project: OVBH60-2000 – Overbelt hybrid multipole magnet system 60 t/h

Customer: Metallco Oppland AS
Location: Fredrikstad Norway
Year of production: 2015

Technical data:

Types of scrap: E46, E40, WEEE
System capacity: 60 t/h
Granulation: 0-300 mm
Bulk density: 0,8 – 1,6 t/m3
Connected power: 20 kW
Speed: variable 0,3 – 2 m/s
Continuous magnet power regulation
Extraction of waste: scrap purity by weight up to 99%

Technology used:

Vibrating feeder
Multipole permanent magnet blocks
Belt conveyor
PLC software control

OVBH60-2000 is a hybrid magnetic system for final step of magnetic scrap separation process before hand picking. Vibrating feeder is used to evenly spread and continuously feed input material to the conveyor. Electro-magnetic block inside the conveyor attracts magnetic particles from vibrating feeder onto bottom side of the conveyor. 60 t/h capacity is achieved with belt width of 2 m. Magnet power, eccentric weight, distance of feeder and belt speed are regulated. Material then travels under the conveyor, attracted by permanent magnetic blocks towards the outlet chute. Polarity switching in the blocks causes the material to roll, dropping non-magnetic particles. Output scrap purity by weight is up to 99%.

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