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Scrap cleaning plant is used to separate magnetic from non-magnetic scrap. System is available in various sizes and flow rates, ranging from 50 t/h to 200 t/h. Vibrating feeder with optional screening is used to evenly transport material from inlet chute towards the drum.


Customers can choose among various types and applications, lengths and capacities of conveyors. Partially non-magnetic conveyors are used in overbelt technology, enabling smooth magnet extraction.


Our technology is delivered as a turnkey solution for the customer. We are constantly trying to meet project demands, offer high quality service and deliver in shortest time possible at a competitive price.

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SCP 2400 SM

SCP 2400 SM - Semi mobile Scrap Cleaning Plant

Technical data:

  • Input granulation: 0-500mm (max. 1000mm);
  • Steel scrap density 0,8 – 1,6T/m3
  • System capacity 80-120T/h
  • Cleaning efficiency: up to 99%
  • Connected power 65kW
  • Interchangeable wear- resistant plates
  • Maintenance openings


  • Vibrating feeders
  • Vibrating screens
  • Electromagnetic drum with rotating shell
  • Belt conveyors
  • Overbelt magnetic conveyor

Scp devices are divided into three classes by capacity: small (up to 50t/h), medium (from 50 to 120 t/h) and large (from 120 to 150 t/h).

SCP 2400 SM - a semi-mobile medium plant - is designed for magnetic cleaning of steel scrap E1, E46, E40, HMS, wagon and ship residue. At optimal operation, it reaches capacities from 80 to 120t/h. Steel scrap in addition to steel also contains waste and non-ferrous metals. Loading of the device by hydraulic grabber or front loader. Transport of steel scrap & screening of  0-40 mm granulation enable vibrating conveyor and vibrating screen. Vibrating equipment with cascades allows the opening of adhered particles and a better cleaning effect. The main cleaning process is performed with a magnetic drum. Additional separation of steel (magnetic particles) with a granulation of 0-40mm is performed by overbelt magnet. The device allows additional separation of 0-40mm granulation on 0-8mm and 8-40mm granulation. For this purpose, the system is equipped with a flip flow screen.

Optimal operation of the machine is enabled by regulating the power of the electromagnet, the speed of the drum rotation and setting the eccentric weights of the vibrating equipment.

The segments of the semi-mobile system are made in such a way that truck transport in batches is possible and easy disassembly, transport and installation at the new location.

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